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Olympus Digital Cameras

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Welcome to olympus_digital! The LiveJournal Community for Olympus digital cameras!

This community is designed for the avid photographers who endorse Olypmus digicams, those who are planning on purchasing an Olympus digicam, or those who just plain love photography =)

There are a few simple rules that I request you follow:

  • BE NICE TO EVERYONE WHO POSTS Those who are caught "trolling" will be removed immediately and reported to the LJ Abuse team immediately.
  • No question is a stupid question. Do not be afraid to ask =)
  • Introductions are nice, but aren't really that necessary. We'll hear from you sooner or later.
  • This is a community devoted to the art of PHOTOGRAPHY, and PHOTOS should be expected to appear on friends lists. However, if the photos are numerous and are of large size, I do request that they are behind an LJ cut for those who don't like their friends pages stretched, and those with dial-up.
  • This is a photo community designed specifically for the brand OLYMPUS. Though other brands are nice (Cannon, Nikon, Fujifilm, etc.), we advise you find another community.
  • Most of all, have fun =)

with love from your humble moderater,
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