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I don't know why I'm just getting around to joining. It never really dawned on me to join an olympus community before. I've owned 4 generations of Olympus digital cameras. Currently I'm using the C-740 Ultra Zoom. It replaced the D400Z. I'm now looking at getting a E-300 or E-500. I didn't see too many photos on here so I'm going to share some of mine taken with the C740UZ.

Katrina's destructive force utterly wiped out my city. Yet, life goes on. Scene is Hwy 90 on the beach in Biloxi. The
destruction was so bad that large chunks of the highway were washed away by storm surge. No vehicles are being
allowed down there. This man takes advantage of that by riding his bike right on the highway that normally sees
thousands of vehicles on it each day.

The background use to be lined with businesses side by side. Now all you see is faint reminders that something use
to occupy that space.

Scene is a US veteran visiting the grave site of fallen hero. This shot was
taken at the Biloxi National Cemetary in the summer of 2004.

Scene is of 6 year old Jenny running along the beach in Biloxi this past Spring.

Residents of Shell Landing Golf Course

Geese at the pond near my home.

Before photo of Sharkheads:

And this is what's left of Sharkheads after Katrina slapped it around a bit.
Notice most of the main building is gone, and just this one end part is left.
This is the only store that retained any part of it's structure. Everything else
on the beach is gone, nothing but slab.

Comments are welcomed...
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